How to Find Land Survey Records for Your Property

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Are you wondering how to find land survey records? Are you are a potential homebuyer who is performing due diligence prior to submitting an offer. Are you an existing homeowner looking to sell your home? Perhaps you are considering building or planting something along your property line? Maybe you are involved in a property dispute with a neighbour.

There are many different reasons to obtain a land survey record for your property. A land survey record is an extremely valuable document providing peace of mind and factual evidence about the boundaries of a property and the location of buildings, fences and other features close to them.

The top land survey firms servicing the Greater Toronto Area provide clients with quick and efficient access to existing land survey records for most addresses across the GTA. Accessing these land survey plans in an easy-to-understand format is exceptionally convenient with massive online inventories of existing surveys being just a few clicks away.
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The Benefits of Land Survey Records

Prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor, a land survey record is an official graphical representation of a property, it’s boundaries and physical features. Also known as a Surveyor’s Real Property Report (SRPR), a land survey record is often one of the most important documents in any type of real estate transaction.
Sellers often include an SRPR as part of the home information package given to potential buyers. Buyers should either request an existing SRPR or have a new one commissioned as part of due diligence before purchasing a new property. Homeowners who are involved in property disputes with neighbours can help to diffuse the issue by obtaining an SRPR as it provides factual evidence as to the exact location of the boundary in dispute.

How to Find Land Survey Records

When you are looking for a land survey record, time is most likely of the essence. Luckily, there are land survey records firms who specialize in providing fast and convenient access to existing property surveys for most properties in the GTA.
Do you have a computer and access to the internet? If so, chances are that you can access an existing land survey record for your specific address within a matter of minutes, all from the comfort of your own home. Gain access to the important property information you need by accessing a massive online inventory of existing land survey records whenever you need it. 

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